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Gretchen Throop Williams, principal of Dragonfly Design. I began my graphics career in 1996 creating high-end PowerPoint presentations. Actively working in Photoshop since 1996 as well, I have been importing my Photoshop work into PowerPoint. The presentations are intended for the CEOs and executive staff of some of the Bay Area's most successful companies.

For the first 3 years I worked primarily with PS Productions and their main client, Clorox. After two years of presentation support, I began working with other production companies in the Bay Area, starting with Jack Morton Worldwide, and then branching out to some of the Bay Area's top production companies (InVision, Dogtown, Good Seed, TenCue, Bodie Group, Group X, etc.). I have travelled throughout the United States as well as abroad for on-site production support.

In 2000 I began working in Macromedia Flash and HTML, branching out into website design, as well as creating animations for "walk-ins" at corporate events. I learned to code in ActionScript (programming language for Flash), HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS. When the dot-com bubble burst in the Bay Area I focused primarily on my Flash career, training at the Center for Electronic Arts (CEA) with Russell Chun (author of the Visual Quickpro Guide for Flash Advanced).

My career now encompasses creating graphics for everything that's viewed on the computer. With Flash I got more involved in putting high-quality video on the web and learned video editing and post-production design.

In 2003 I moved to Boulder, Colorado while still maintaining most of my work in the Bay Area, as well as adding new clients from the Denver area.

Currently, I am enjoying implementing my accumulated skills towards creating a well-rounded business. I am a professional photographer as well, and enjoy any kind of work in Photoshop. I still travel all over the country as a graphics operator and onsite Powerpoint/Keynote guru at corporate events. After 16 years of education and experience, my abilities in Photoshop, PowerPoint, Keynote, Flash and Illustrator are solidly at master levels.

Working with so many great clients over the years, the positive feedback that I most often hear is that I am, fast and accurate, highly skilled, that I always find ways to get the job done (no matter how crazy the deadline), and that I am fun to work with.

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