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Corporate Flash Presentations

I have been working in Flash since 2000, and am a "Certified Flash Designer". I have coded in every version of ActionScript. The bulk of my work has been creating complex offline presentations for court and corporate events in addition to the more common Flash banners and intros. I have also created websites entirely in Flash and some that incorporate Flash but work on mobile devices. Below you will find a few examples of the extensive work that I have done in Flash over the years.


I created this overview presentation for Autodesk's new software, Impression. I worked closely with the client to remain completely within their design guidelines. The presentation includes pictures, sound and videos all integrated to work seamlessly on the web.




This was an extensive presentation done entirely in Flash. I created everything in this presentation. This presentation was displayed on a kiosk at a trade show. Slow download on the web.

Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy

This technical animation demonstrates the details of a scientific process. This is one of 7 distinct educational animations I created for Advanced Energy.

Click on the animation at any point to pause the action.

Sun Microsystems

Working on this interface involved heavy use of JavaScript and ActionScript, as well as strong team work. This was a full team effort. If you see "0 Bytes Loading" you are trying to view a section I did not work on.


This presentation is a demonstration of the inefficiencies and excessive cost of the modern day compuer system. I created all the art and the animation for this demonstration.


This is a timeline that I created for Visual Advocacy. I worked with VA for many years creating timelines for use in court. Anywhere you see text underlined it signifies a link, click to blow-up a legal brief, the highlights blow-up on those.

Banners and Flash Odds and Ends


On the top of the website there are two buttons, "Businesses Start Here" and "Consumers Start Here", click on either to bring up a pop-up window with the Flash pitch that I created. I also did the narration on these pieces.

Metrobeat TV

This is a video presentation that I created for Metrobeat TV. It was a greeting for the holidays showing some quotables from a Nobel Peace Prize meeting in Denver.


This is a typical banner/header that I create for websites. This Flash piece located on the top of the client's website animates the logo as well as creating moving interest on the page with photos and information cycling through the frame. The pictures load dynamically, so they can be easily changed out by the client.

Cohn & Wolfe's Boomerang Blog

Cohn & Wolfe was announcing their new blog "Boomerang" and I created the teaser for it's release. I also took the picture that I used as the background.

Mktg Christmas Greeting

Mktg hired me to create an online holiday greeting card. The snow globe is a fun idea that I have created for several different clients around the holidays. I have also created versions where the user shakes the globe.


I created this boombox for a hip-hop label to use online to play their artist's music. In this version I replaced the label's songs with some of my favorites. Press play to get the songs started.

Cox Cable

I did a whole series of these "quizzes" for Cox Cable's marketing campaign. Each quiz contained a puzzle and fun facts about the cable company.

Extreme Sports

This was a project I created to show a prospective client what I could do with video online. Click on a box on the left to start the video playing. The blow-up shows sections of the video and the Fast Forward and Rewind buttons run the video.

Yoka Power

This is a simple banner for Yoka Power that I like the looks of. I started with the logo and animated and designed from there.

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