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Partners in Design

Graphic arts for the screen is a complex and ever changing profession. I stay on top of my business with the help of these great companies that hire, teach and support me in my career. Through our collaborations my design career continues to be fun, interesting and profitable.

Production Companies:

These are some of the high-end corporate production companies that I have worked with in the last 5 years.

Outsource IT

Professional Groups:

I am currently active in all of these groups. Each one has played an important part in furthering my education and interaction with other graphic design professionals.



These programs have been in my life for a long time, some since their inception. I started on Photoshop, Flash, Lightroom, PowerPoint, Keynote, Illustrator & Dreamweaver at their first release or shortly thereafter and work at master levels on all of them. Rollover the icons to see the program name, click to go to their website.

Code Languages:

According to a test that I took on the web, I am 48% left brain and 52% right brain. In hopes of equaling that out once and for all, I code. Some of my most satisfying moments in graphic design have been achieved problem-solving with long-complex code. The moment that a right brain idea (such as the moon on this site that reflects the actual phase of the current moon) is achieved through my left brain's work is truly satisfying.

Operating Systems:

I work on both Apple and Windows operating systems. I am equally competent on both systems, but prefer the Apple systems (almost all of my PowerPoint work is done in Windows however).

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