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Some of the most creative work that I do is on websites. Over the years I have created 100s of websites using HTML, JavaScript, Flash, CSS & PHP. Each website is like a window into someone's world and I love creating those windows for my clients.

Radius Builders

Sally Eckert Tone

Radius Builders is a high-end building company based in the Bay Area. They specialize in upgrading the home for aging residents. Dee Bailey, the principal does exquisite work. I created the logo, business card and website for Radius Builders for a complete redesign of the company's image.

Jim Iacona

Jim is a Directory of Photography in Los Angeles and wanted a high-end site to show off his work in HD video. This was an intensive Flash video project incorporating a specific design by the client to make everything look very clean and sparse, despite the weighty content of the site.

World Cup

This website was a lot of fun to create. The client is the premier ski shop in Girdwood, Alaska near the Alyeska Ski Resort. I used some fun transitions for the skis and the logo. There is also alternate content for use on non-Flash devices implemented into the site (try it on a computer and then on an iPhone/iPad).

Be the Change

Be The Change

"Be The Change" is a fun book that celebrates the earth and "being green". I was hired to make the book come alive on the website. The website is a mock-up of the book with all of the flat elements moving. My favorite part of this site is the ants hanging off the bottom as a creative way to integrate a navigation.



I created the large banner through the upper-center of the page for an upscale green living space. It's a fun animation that rotates and highlights information depending on where the mouse is pointed. Just mouseover the circles to see the information about that character.

Naomi's Art Glass

For this site I took an existing site and transformed it into a black background (from white). The primary piece of the site is a Flash gallery of the artist's work that is easily editable (all the text and photos load dynamically).

Gretchen Troop Photography

Gretchen Troop Band

This is a website for my photography business. Through this website I sell my professional photography. My shopping cart has many features and is PHP-based. I offer galleries of current photo shoots, some of my favorites and have galleries hidden for my professional clients.

Gretchen Troop Band

Gretchen Troop Band

This is another of my personal websites for my band. I maintain this site regularly, keeping a Flash calendar with dynamic text updated with band events. The site contains a good mix of Flash, HTML, video and audio.

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